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gentlemansviewpointThere is a rumor , there is a rumor in the forest of a secret well kept,  the place where one walks with pine needles under foot, where the great green shadows throw the light around and all that is living waits for the slightest of audible sounds.

PRIVATE27 003In the woods there is talk of the fall that will come ….of mere leaves that will descend to a dancing free fall and all of this feels harmonious, to my slowly awakened soul.

PRIVATE27 007PRIVATE27 008PRIVATE27 009The streams turn into a river way beyond what I can see , yes it is truly a glorious land, much beyond. Through falls and pools it gives birth to the lakes and carries on, carries on.

PRIVATE27 013PRIVATE27 018Was it Thoreau who said “Must the citizen for a moment or in the least degree, resign his conscience to the legislator“? His own answer in his essay Civil Disobedience went like this “What I have to do is to see that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn”. On this walk, I remembered a singer by the name of Trini Lopez whose line in a song went like this “This land is your land, this land is my land from California to the New York Islands”. What happened to our nation?

The PLANTATION of greed and selfishness was opened to all of us, twenty four seven, presented to most of us like a true promised land for some or a generous vocation for others who are unburdened by the natural burdens or the silence that can befall man. Naturally this occurred after they lessened their thirst at the seducing drinking well. Now I ask you my friends, do we remember any real lessons learned?

LIES only spread, but TRUTH multiplies TRUTH.PRIVATE27 022Let your passions be your guide to exit your PLANTATION, and what falls by the wayside, let it fall, if it is useful it will be picked up by someone out here, and recycled into something they might call their very own since it carries no ownership tags. The hard learned lesson? Were you wise enough not to trample on the BLOOMS?

Take a walk though imagination, or better yet, look at purposeful creation in front of you, the natural order of the whole grand scheme, yes do wonder if you still can. Listen to the whisper of the falling leaves and see the path, TRUST yourself you will.

PRIVATE27 027 Wisdom came when all else failed. TRUST your LORD and you will gain FAITH. You must EXIT the PLANTATION though!

Does your SILENCE reign? Do you hear the whisper in the forest of the rumbling cannons? Just say NO to yet another WAR!