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PRIVATE27 051Fairly soon this Twentieth Century American Love Affair will be over. The car in question in this Hopper-esque photo montage appears to me to be a Caddy.

PRIVATE27 047A typical scene known the world over!


Quite a fashionista’s delight! Below is the back cover. PRIVATE28 058Opinion and prognosis (outcome of a disease): Given the fact that the current regime has not yet gotten their way, these pouting little men and women want to play with war as it is usually done. Here is how the radical new American politically fascist agenda will advance:

Six dollars a gallon, as it was promised to you last year by the great leader in the White House (Choir: Sieg Heil) might arrive real soon after a few missiles into Syria and all you have left will be dreams and hopefully a bicycle, unless of course, you call any Senator or House of Representative from any party today through the capitol switchboard and tell the f– b–s, NO WAR IN SYRIA. FYI the telephone numbers are: 1-888-978-3094 and/or 1-202-224-3121.

By the way do you notice the strange implement in this picture shown below.

PRIVATE28 059In my opinion the plunger part should have been used to flush down the crap that those in power are trying to feed the media and thus you and me.

Have a nice day.