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What a week this one was! Attending the Anti Obamacare Rally in Washington, DC, we left Monday night for a nine hour bus ride with fifty plus Patriots on board heading for DC. We arrived at Union Station at about five fifteen a.m.

PRIVATE28 080 A short walk took you to the Capitol Building displaying the Flag in the very early morning light. In the far distance, you could see the Lincoln Memorial now undergoing a renovation.

PRIVATE28 081The Congressional seat of one of the world’s most powerful nations was slowly waking up ready for another day of debate and mischief, all the while ignoring the will of the American people who positively, absolutely do not want the so called “Obamacare”.

PRIVATE28 083While the rest of the country was either asleep, did not give a crap or just wanted to make money, thousands of protesters (yes, in your name as well) attended the rally at noon. Conspicuously absent were the “Exempted Union Members, Congressional staff, Large business employees”, the old saying “each man for himself and God for all of us” was evident! Do not despair! The true “Massachusetts Patriots” were the first on the green today.

PRIVATE28 084 PRIVATE28 085 PRIVATE28 089This very Tuesday, September 10, 2013 promised to be one of the hottest days in Washington, DC with temperatures arriving at the mid nineties.

Imagine, looking up these giant stairs where later on, some very courageous Republican members of Congress came forth to address the growing crowd. TV crews were setting up and a member of the helmeted force had to put his two cents in telling them they could not leave the equipment on the wall that runs along one side of the green.PRIVATE28 087I took the available time left before the rally to enter the Raeburn Building to get a feel for the working chambers of the congressional clan, and to look for a government sponsored bathroom. Nice marble and stone everywhere. The most important discoveries were these two shown below.

PRIVATE28 091The otherwise busy hallways were still deserted.

PRIVATE28 093The famous “Barber Shop” for a quick cut and a shoe shine, closed at this hour and no rate card posted in sight.

I was truly astounded at the sight of this room from where Congress raided the Social Security Trust Fund and never put the money back. A lovely wooden door, speaking of authority and deceit. How a mere mortal can be impressed. The thought of painting a slogan flashed through my mind, but common sense turned it off. It would not have served a purpose at this time.

PRIVATE28 092I had enough time to walk through endless corridors and hallways to look for the Congressional Office of the House Majority Leader Republican Eric Cantor (R-VA). How much I would like to hold any member of the Judeo-Christian Faiths to a higher moral standard than the rest of Congress, a mere assembly of profit seekers and amoral defenders of a socialist welfare state now utterly on its last legs after years of overspending. Those were faiths that formed the backbone of Western Culture for two thousand years, in spite of the excesses of crimes committed in the name of ideology or faith.

Mr. Cantor, overtly professes the Jewish faith, but generously supports the war mongering efforts in Syria. In my opinion, he is not acting in the interest of the American people, but becomes, in these moments of impending war hysteria, a traitor to his own people of the Holy Book in Israel.

The people of Israel, religious or secular, certainly do not look forward to yet another war, but always will be prepared to do battle and win.

I was directed to Cantor’s website by his office assistants to read his official position, but no formal statement was available in printed form. His staff was amazed to have somebody actually show up at around 8.30 a.m. to voice an opinion in no uncertain terms. I would think this Mr. Cantor will have a lot of Atonement to do on the next Jewish Religious Holiday, this Friday, of Yom Kippur.

Having thus expressed my strong opinion to his young staff, I headed back to attend the Rally. Outside of the building there were a handful Anti War Protesters already sweating in the hot sun in the opposite corner of the West Lawn.

PRIVATE28 097Slowly, the field near the Capitol Building filled up with protesters of all colors and creed arriving from all over the Eastern seaboard, and as far away as Texas. Slogans were everywhere on T shirts, on signs and on flags.PRIVATE28 099 PRIVATE28 103PRIVATE28 107


PRIVATE28 108A well known Patriot and Conservative Radio Talk Show Host from Massachusetts expressed his opinion in this original way.

PRIVATE28 101PRIVATE28 109 PRIVATE28 111 PRIVATE28 113Hats in various styles were an absolute must in this sweltering weather. A number of members of the United States Congress addressed the crowd. Real leaders like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Michelle Bachman, as well as, Ted Cruz, seen below working the crowd like a real representative of the people.

PRIVATE28 110Ordinary folks like you or me stood for many hours in the blazing sun to hear the many speakers like Brent Bozell from the Heritage Foundation, and surprise, surprise Mr. Snerdley, Rush Limbaugh’s producer blasting away at the Congressional Democrats. Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), what a fine speaker he is, or Congressman Steve King (R-IA) were lambasting the Administration in no uncertain terms with a chorus of protesters chanting: Defund! Defund!


After the Rally, it was another 9 hour ride back on the bus. I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of this great protest event!

NOW it is YOUR TURN TO GET OF YOUR BUTT and sign the various petitions to defund this monstrous bill.

Here is one of the links.