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img313In an age where the “United States mainstream established media” seem to have as one of its goals to be the dominate source of information and news, I am often reminded how superb the skill of reading the written word really is.

For nearly two thousand years, the information sources, primarily, were the written words found in books! Books were the primary learning tool, other than field trips, to convey the “actual, thus factual, first view, first hand knowledge of what a field trip surveyed. This held true especially in architecture with the related fields of urban planning, and also true for the “architecture of society“,i.e. sociology, anthropology and up the proverbial ladder to the sciences dealing with the “mind“. Below is a YouTube video with Mumford appearing in the clip of the City.

Reading the book, The City in History published in 1961, I could not help to be impressed by the insights that this author, Lewis Mumford, had to offer. Who was Lewis Mumford?

img314Bimg314AThe above photo is from the back cover of the book and the bio also.

img319I have not read any other books by Mumford. I will refrain from philosophizing about his world views, not having read sufficient material, but after reading the above book, I am on the look out for previous titles by this author.

The chapter, I would like to share with you, has some interesting views held by the author that ring even more true, in my opinion, today. The notes in red and underlinings are expressly mine. They do not in anyway represent additions to the book or the views of the author. These are my notes, and are here only to illustrate aspects of the text that refer to political views, ideas or observations, such as, one could encounter, in daily life, in 2013 by being an astute observer of history in the making.


img318NOTE 4: The promise of “Limited” but in reality continuous wars with the role of the US military as boots for hire to the highest bidders of the “new world order” advocates.

“Pinpoint” Strikes (Syria). The renewed threat of a nuclear limited war (Israel-Iran).

Obliteration of US borders through Illegal uncontrolled immigration. Terror reign of the “under privileged”, selected minorities (through undocumented voting without ID’s) over the majority.

Disintegration of cities (Detroit, MI, Gary, IN) with more to come.

An obsolete obese and non transparent, but ever expanding civil administration, utterly out of control, will lead to the final stage of collapse during the extended decline of the “imperial empire”.

Food for thought, yes, perhaps sound insight and precise predictions? What matters is the realization that the written word is a tool, and sometimes mightier than the sword. Separate the chaff from the Monsanto MGO corporate corn, and you will be on the right track to exposing the many fraudulent claims by “experts“. Delve into those books and read, read, read!

Hold your “expert professors” accountable, hold your Universities and Colleges accountable, hold your often too silent religious leaders accountable, hold your Congressional powers, Dems and Republicans accountable, hold your President accountable, and last but not least hold yourself accountable.