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This fabulous 1967 book cover is by “funky” graphic designer Seymour Chwast (1931-). Chwast was a co-founder of the internationally well known graphic design company PUSHPIN in New York City in 1954 with Milton Glaser (1929-).

The design studio became well known for its publication of the free wheelinPushpin Graphic in 1955 for which Chwast was the editor and design director. The avant garde publication illustrated the best “Pop” work done at the time and became a bi monthly publication in 1976 until its demise in 1981.

The Pushpin Studio was a design reference for many new designers in the 1970’s and 80’s, and contributed enormously with its talented staff to the international stature of American graphic design. Chwast’s playful style in illustration and approach to type and lay out reworked older styles, and made them appear fresh and innovative. Book covers, children magazines, packaging are only a small portion of his output. A Time Magazine cover, work in various museums, ads for IBM, Chrysler, General Foods and the many posters collected the world over attest to the importance of this artist.

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