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PRIVATE30 036Here are some of the poignant social commentaries by the Icelandic artist ERRO (1932-) painted in a way which defies description. The picture at the top of the post features the second volume of the catalogue raisonne published in 1986 by the French publisher Hazan with the title L’Incitation a la Creation.

The catalog has a standard format with many small black and white images per page. There are a wealth of color pages throughout the book, allowing us to fully appreciate the works by this artist. Every painting requires study and the utmost attention to find the hidden commentaries on society in all its aspects. Titles like “Fishscape“, “The Life of Van Gogh“, “Eskimoscape“, “America“, “Birdscape“, etc. give us a feel for what is to come.

Is it “grafitti” art, is it “magic realism”in a post modern form? Is it Dali-esque?

It is all and none of the above. Is it manga style comic book strip art? Is it plagiarism? I have no need to label any of it, no matter how many times Jean Jacques Lebel in his foreword in the book tries to explain the coming together of art, artist, sick society and humor. In 240 pages I got the message.