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gentlemansviewpointJust the other day, I read an article in an English newspaper on the internet informing us about life in the so-called borderlands. I was reminded Scotland will have a national vote next year that will decide their independence. What country would not want to be independent from the yoke of post colonial Great Britain. Where you can get hacked to death on a London Street, and only a courageous woman will act! Babbling Whigs and Tories not much different than their democratic eunuchs in the American Congress, never mind those Brits sending us their secret enslaving weapon, the proverbial dumb as a donkey*ss Pierce Morgan! I am sure the donkey would object in being compared to, in our opinion, a raving mad psycho.

img300Reading that particular article, one could have the impression that Scotsmen really do not care about their illustrious history or independence, for that matter. Not that Americans care much more, or so it seems.

Here is a real part of something in our archives of that Scottish heritage: The Ballads.img298img299img292How about listening to this YouTube video of “The Lass O’Patie’s Mill”, Rory & Alex McEwen (1958) below.

If these songs are not enough how about this old record:

img297How about a bit of history here young lads!img294Now an important note about ballads here:

img295A word to the wise! Keep your Muslim Brotherhood supporters away. Watch those so called Somali Scotsman and those White haired converts! Welcome to the club you Scots!  Bring back that HADRIAN Wall.

I am sure that Nigel Farage MEP (UKIP party) can use some help in Brussels keeping the World Bank Dinosaurs and the IMF New World Order Progressive Socialists at bay.

Perhaps with brave Scottish help we can DEFUND the entire cozy UNITED NATIONS’ Club. Wouldn’t that be the day!