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img337 img339 The Museum of London had a fabulous fashion exhibition in 2004, and the above front and back cover are from the accompanying hardbound catalog.

The 174 pages, in the catalog, The London Look Fashion from Street to Catwalk with numerous full color illustrations, chart the fashion history from the early 1800’s until about the end of the Twentieth Century, as it pertained to London, Great Britain. (ISBN 0300-10399-9 cloth).

img342The more “label” conscious among us, who is not from time to time, will delight in these color illustrations from the book.

img341I put down the book at the page where I found these very 1930’s shoes pictured below to write this post. These two-toned men’s oxfords on the left and the brown suede shoes from the late thirties on the right were made by C.W. Horrell Co. of Northamptonshire.

img340They reminded me of the excellent canvas and leather shoes retailed at one point by Barneys in New York, and in our shoe collection always expanding at an alarming rate.

PRIVATE30 003 PRIVATE30 007These types of shoes will never go out of style. They remind us when wearing them what quality is all about. It does not matter if they are made in London or somewhere else in the United Kingdom, or in the case of these shoes made for Barneys made in the United States by one of the few remaining “real cordwainers” or shoe manufacturers. For good measure have a look at this late fifties or early sixties pair like what you would see in the movie West Side Story, perhaps made by the a now long defunct Massachusetts company of fame: the John E. Lucey. A three eyelet Derby with fine pinking and broguing in a fabulous soft, perhaps can you image, exotic leather.

PRIVATE29 044PRIVATE29 043Can you imagine going to the office in these vintage shell cordovan leather ” six eyelet long wings” made by the Hanover Company in that dark cordovan color known to some as color 986 by Alden. Trust me I wear them.PRIVATE30 009Yes, in some countries it is definitely not polite to show your “soles” but in this case here are the handset nails, the original V cleat, the oak bark triple soles for those “fanatics” among you.PRIVATE30 012PRIVATE30 010As a personal choice,  I prefer the flat waxed laces with these. Off now reading the rest of the book on fashion.