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img345If you are a teacher, parent, minister, librarian or in any other way connected to our youth, then here is a book, though not easy to find, that will shed light on the mysteries behind video games. The book, Game On edited by Lucien King is a catalog of an exhibition held in 2002 (ISBN number0-7893-0778-2, distributed by St. Martin’s Press), and is aptly subtitled “The History and Culture of Videogames”.

It answers many of the different aspects of the video game, socially, psychologically and historically in the form of a number of short essays by different writers involved in the video gaming industry. With ever more violent crimes committed under the influence of video games, and I certainly do not have to list these here, is it not time that you examine your role as a provider of these games to your children or as a person involved in the well being of a minor?

The book has a questions and answer set up with dissenting pro and con views. The graphic aspect of the catalog itself is very interesting, but more so the disturbing trends noticed by the authors of these essays. Suffice to give you a hint as to what is in this valuable book. For the more cynical readers, yes, Drone operators are taught this way as well as many policing and army forces around the world. As if, it warrants the violence for the sake of violence in many games!

img349img351img352img354OPINION: Do your part, never mind if you did nothing to create a better society, but at least protect your youth! Any of the above could apply to most movies made by Hollywood corruptors and other morally bankrupt new world order social puppeteers!

Yes you are still “free” to “see”,”hear” and “think” as you please and who knows for how long?