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gentlemansviewpointImagine this, you are held captive by a group of waylaid democrats who are trying to force something down your throat. No, not like water boarding, but more like with the state media controlled “small” lies, incorrect statements, and just plain old disinformation that are aiding and abetting the socialist world agenda.

On what planet do you live? The President will negotiate with a rogue state, like the Mullah led IRAN, but not with the Republican led House of Representatives! In other words, you are told by the Obamaist  captors: It is my way or the highway!

This is where the famous psychological Stockholm Syndrome comes into play. All of the sudden those in captivity (YOU) defend their captors! YOU CAVED IN.

Have you ever wondered why people vote the way they do, even though it hurts their freedom or pocketbook? It is because of the Stockholm Syndrome! They continue to defend their oppressors!

Bear in mind that the Obama regime is led by people that studied psychology (Valerie Jarrett) or whose parents were psychologists, like the father of David Axelrod, the granddaddy of all political gangsters, in my opinion. Ever heard of the newly appointed “nudge czarina”?

What do you suppose her job really is? Fancy another example?

Have a good look at Harry Reid’s statements, and you realize how far gone psychologically he is in his labeling of opponents: Anarchists, terrorists, etc. A religious man? I thought he said he was. BS, just another believer in the OBAMAIST RELIGION: THE LAW OF THE STATE. No freedom of thought, or dissent with that creed.

There is no better man out there than independent media maker and outstanding investigative journalist James Corbett of The Corbett Report to explain the Stockholm Syndrome to all of us. A YouTube video to his report on the Stockholm Syndrome is below.