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img410How does a language change an opinion about food? Don’t the recipes here taste better when they are written in French?

img411Judge for yourselves, this post is written for our Canadian, French and all our food afficionados. For the rest of you out there, try a recipe, smell the delicious simple ingredients, like maple syrup and enjoy!

img412To me bonbons and gateaux sound just simply right. Even the pea soup sounds better in French, funny though it is called here Pea soup a la Canadienne. Misconceptions about soup? Continue on.

img415img414img416img417Did you see the “fine print” here: resultat assure! Guaranteed result!

img418img419Personally, I would try the Maple cream puffs first. For more on Jean Simard (1916-2005) who provided the illustrations for this bilingual booklet. Here is a link, in the French language, to the University of Sherbrooke for his bio.