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img420The book Bed Riddance by Ogden Nash and illustrated by Milton Glaser is the result of the cooperation between two great masters. The talented author Ogden Nash (1902-19971) is a writer and one of America’s great poets, and the illustrator Milton Glaser (1929-), is an icon of great American graphic design.

Glaser studied with the great Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. Ogden Nash was the playful master inventor of the “invented inverted word“, and Milton Glaser was the “daddy long legs”, I am sure he would approve of the term, of the visual world of our time.

I believe, the above illustrates exactly what we mean by “inventor of words“, and the imagined reality when we perspire in bed!

Nash became almost a household word when the United States Postal Service (USPS) honored him with a 37 cent stamp in 2002 featuring his face and words from his poetry.

O. NashFor more poems by Nash and background information you can visit this website.

The book, Bed Riddance was published by Little Brown and Company, Boston &Toronto in 1971 (LCC 71-117035) with a renewed copyright by Nash in 1969 and 24 of the poems in this collection originally appearing in The New Yorker.

In an earlier post, filed under the category record covers, we paid some attention to record covers by Milton Glaser that strongly resemble some of his book cover designs with the whirlwind of colors he emphasized.

Record covers are not listed on the Milton Glaser official site, but then again neither is the book at the top of this post on the book page of their otherwise excellent site. I would recommend visiting the website above if you love anything Glaser, there is always something to discover!