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PRIVATE23 005To some, drink is considered food on some occasions. Sociable or not we all can enjoy food and drink in different ways, and some of those ways are shown below!

Here is one of the things we love about Italy, and trust me we are not the only ones: big, bigger, biggest, more than a magnum bottle of champagne.

PRIVATE23 006Chianti does not age well, according to some experts, but these great bottles were imported to the United States as far back as the 1950’s. Perhaps they were only admired, to serve as backdrops in the “spaghetti” restaurants of years gone by. It is easy to disregard this phenomenon in a country that recently started to produce wines that a Frenchman or other wine drinking European would consider drinkable. Oh yes, I do not consider Senator Pelosi’s wines drinkable under any circumstance, God forbid you end up a babbling idiot!

If I would be forced to drink one of those wines or a good beer, I would choose something from the Heineken Brewery shown below.

Believe it or not this book is huge! About 3 inches thick and what a treat it is to peruse.

What a fabulous history that company has. The book was published around 2002, and I am not sure if it was commercially available.

.No, you should definitely not drink beer when you have had a few glasses of wine, so back to my glass of Chianti produced by Fratelli Bucalossi and a good plate of spaghetti to night. I might just listened to this superb Dutch jazz record.

Awesome new recipes will be in another post in the “food” category, but for now mangia, mangia e fa presto!