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gentlemansviewpointIn the span of twenty odd years, we went from the expansion of the body to the “expansion” of the mind. If you did not live it, then you can read all about it and weep.

img390Body building was popular in the late forties and early fifties before the current Gym Craze.

img391img392img393Barely twenty years later we would end up with this:

img395img396The book makes for a good read.

The last “visionary” to come out of “Harvard” claimed to be a Constitutional lawyer and community activist from Chicago, and by his own admission he did some mind “expanding” himself. No, I am not referring to those expanding consciousness exercises. You wonder what else comes out of Harvard? “Fake IndianSenators? You have seen it all, have you not? How is your “hope and change“?

I meant change as in money. What a Nation. What a place. What a governance, the man says poop and Wall Street goes down!