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img468I am sure that real foodies know every possible spaghetti dish by heart.

Here are a few more from a fabulous Italian book, Pasta by Vincenzo Buonassis first published in the early seventies in Italian by Rizzoli Publishers. Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! After you look at these fabulous pictures from the book below, you will for sure head to la cucina.

img464The proper way to see if the pasta is ready to eat can be shown below in this wonderful hand movement. In other words, put it between the teeth and say al dente!

img463img462Here are some easy recipes from the book.

img466To me Number 106 looks more interesting. With the recipes below you can get into that special cooking mood.

img465Number 271 seems rather easy, and I promise you it is really tasty. (Be sure to brush or have your favorite mint afterwards).

If you really have your heart set on staying home all day Saturday, then here Number 623 is my personal favorite recipe which of course requires more effort.

img467Warning making this tortellini pie will make friends out of your foes so think twice before embarking. Below is a great instructive 2 1/2 minute YouTube video from the Vetri Ristorante where Chef Adam Leonti shows us how to make their version of this pie!

A good wine could be a Pinot Grigio from the Friuli area of Italy to slosh it down with in the appropriate way. Here are the two people we have to thank for this book:

img469Published in 1976 by Lyceum Books in Wilton, Ct. ISBN 0-915336-02-2