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gentlemansviewpointWhile searching for some music in my archives to illustrate the state of affairs our Nation has fallen into, I came upon the album “State of Shock” by the Rock Star of Conservatism Ted Nugent. A state of shock I was in, seeing the pitiful attitude of some pompous little bureaucrats who would rather inflict as much pain as they can on Veterans who want to visit their monument, than stand up for the good of the country as a whole. Who could forget this rock album from 1979?

PRIVATE32 027What a “state of shock” this shutdown was! No pun intended here. The song, “Paralyzed” became a tremendous hit and a platinum record. It is as if Nugent had foreseen the appearance of that bureaucrat from the National Park Service being grilled by Trey Gowdy, Republican Representative from South Carolina.

Here are the prophetic words to that song:

I’m on a mission of mercy. I gotta testify.
You lost your emotions. You’re paralyzed.

Amputate your logic, you’re hypnotized.
You show no emotion. You’re paralyzed.

Don’t you know you crucify yourself, oh, no.

You’re killin’ you and nobody else,
And know you been spending your nights alone.
The lights are on but there’s nobody home.

You don’t know where you come from. You’re not too wise.
You got nowhere to run to. You paralyzed.

Can you feel your body? Can you move your eyes?
Can you feel your heartbeat? Well, are you paralyzed?

PRIVATE32 028For those who do not remember the tune, below is a YouTube link to “Paralyzed“. The only real leader that stood up for and inspired the common people was that other Ted, crucified by GOP leadership, vilified by Dirty Harry Mormon Reid and his gangster crowd from the Spite House.

So this post is dedicated to the other Ted, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, land of the Alamo, who God willing could be the next President of these United States of America. Kudos go to both Teds and Trey Gowdy!