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Here is one of the most amazing record finds I have made! Just as it is IMPORTANT to train the eye to see paintings, or any art for that matter, it is as equally important to train your ear to the human voice, not just in music, but also with words. Seeing and hearing are the two most essential senses for the continuation of all human life. Poetry does not “speak” until it is heard!

img602On the top of the back cover not pictured here due to the limit of the scanner bed, it reads: Alexander Solzhenitsyn reads his short stories.

I would like to tell you in which books any of these stories appear, but I do not have an answer for you. Perhaps one of our readers knows the answer, and will share it with us in the comment section of this post.img603Apparently, the record was made under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Third Nicholas in Frankfurt Germany. I have not been able to find out anything else about this record. However, I presume the record was pressed in Germany in 1971.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (11 December 1918-2008) was the Nobel  Prize winner in literature in 1970. Those were the days when that honor still meant something to the Western world.

Solzhenitsyn’s name stood for courage and nobility of thought, freedom of expression, and he stood up against the decadence of spiritual values leading to the lack of morals in society and the falsehoods of Russia’s political system: Communism.

At the same time when I purchased the above record I also found this record:

Recorded in 1978 when Solzhenitsyn had already been banished from Russia to the West. Thanks goes to Sergey Kuznetsov for publishing the music below of the Pechory Pskov Caves Monastery for us to enjoy!

Chimes or better Church Bells are the voiceless expressions of the noble men who made these chimes to the greater glory of their God. They did not know exactly how they would sound when they made the chimes, and ringing or playing them was a labor of love and hard work. Interesting, how we have replaced them with modern versions of records or cd’s or just downloaded from somewhere. In The Chimes we can hear the longing for spirituality. Nothing is as powerful to the western ear as a chime or bell, no matter what type of Christian faith or organized  Christian religion you adhere to. It is not like the Muzzin’s call to prayer for Muslims or the Shofar’s sound for Jews. A warning sound in the worst of times in centuries past, it is also a re-call to listening from the heart.


PRIVATE34 009Here is the story of The Chimes from the back cover as it appears in English:img607Aimg607How much does the sound of these bells embody the soul of one of Russia’s great writers who did more than we know for the “restoration of the true Russian soul”?

Today, at best, we live in a society where “opinion” counts more than “conviction”, where decadence is a meaningless word, and disgrace has become synonymous with Grace. Greed and the lust for power has settled in an empty place for most: the heart. What you read here is not meant as a sermon but a call for the spirit of “awakening”, a call for “faith”.

In the days of conviction, men built Cathedrals to the power of something greater than themselves. Below is an incredible story of a place where men are building Cathedrals today. Kudos to the makers of this Russian documentary.

If you are a man or woman of “faith”, then watch this YouTube video, and you will KNOW thatObama-ismis not your Saviour King!