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gentlemansviewpointIf you read the front cover of this superb 60’s counter culture publication, then you will see nothing really changes much with time.

img547In the land of the Obama, the blind are really blind.

Sex” in the workplace, no problem, remember General P. dismissed for a lovely lowly tryst with his biographer, and caught of course.

Women in the military now must go to the front lines to have sex perhaps, instead of being in “support roles”.

Defecting to the reds: Snowden anyone?

Politically a “hot potato“, my advice: Ask Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, John Kerry, Jeremiah Wright, Queenie Oprah or Valhalla Jarrett! They will surely have an “answer”.

Questions about the Budget? Ask the crooks who raise the debt limit!

For your envy about the times of real freedom, and your virtual enjoyment here is the rest.

Mobile? GPS? DRONES? You mean Russian GPS beacons on American soil? Oh, pardon me, I meant the United Nations “new world order” territory? (check it out)Smart drones that fell into Iranian hands perhaps!

No kidding Sherlock. In a nation of 126 characters by Twitter teenies, what do you want to know next?

img552The “privileged class” is exterminating your “middle class” wealth with commie rhetoric!

img551A note: You wage slaves, Government sanctioned subsidized Kool aid buyers, tribal fig leaf promoters, pill popping adult addicts, generous gendered hybrids, newly confirmed health care buyers, Catholics or Reborn Christians for Illegal Immigration Reform, overpriced educational Sado-masochists students who cannot speak out or up, political muses, the utterly lowest of all classes, and the white honky crackpot media led by the British exhibitionists be sure to read our next From a Gentleman’s Viewpoint post. The rest of the world can go on quietly unless you are Israeli! We have your backs!