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Thirteen years into a new century, our “worldview” changes, and the world changes as Marshall McLuhan and others predicted through the influences of the electronic technology available to us.

A world, rife with strife and division, is also poised with opportunity for those of you who press on, not waylaid by the continuous cackling OLD Media and their seeming triviality. “News” is now spread through alternative media, and no longer through the dying media behemoths that resort to the general abasement of societies by catering to the lowest common denominator and presenting this as “important news“. “Drive by Media” is another word for the same thing, in case you wonder.

An Italian would say, Occhio or watch out when the media complex sides with the nucleus of economic power, and the media would like to hide that fact. What follows is besides amateurism in journalism, the flight of the public to other obvious channels of news.

If you live in the United States of America you will be put under the spell of Senators like Diane Feinstein who is trying to define who should or could be a journalist (reporter). The ugly beast topic, of who should regulate journalism and the protection of sources, raises its head again by the pundits on both sides of the isle.

Alternatively, you could be put in the hands of the “commentator reporters” of the imported Al Jazeera quality, or worse, in the slave gang drivers executive office of MSNBC. They draw attention away through the Martin Bashirs of the world from the con games by the authorized and duly elected “state molesters of true democracies“. Don’t forget their corporatist sponsors from big pharma, and the military industrial intelligentsia protected by the new world ideologues; the tenured transgendered professors teaching in the cow pen equivalent of the “I have your back” clubs.

Independent news sourcing, i.e. OPEN SOURCE NEWS is a new media tool, well understood by the 126 character crowd which attempts by orders of a “State Department” and their bedfellows or bed women (not to discriminate here) to revolutionize entire countries by spreading fake(d) news. A century ago there was a debate as to who was to be considered an artist and who was not. Entry into the “club” made you what you were not. Are we now doing the same thing all over again? CONTROL is what it is all about.

Now to the point, below is a presentation by a free speech advocate, take the time and listen, and you will understand why the US Congress wants to put a damper on the internet, free speech etc. Those familiar with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org), and similar advocate groups know this, help your self, help out by watching out.

YOU ARE THE REPORTER, WHEREVER YOU ARE, and yes you will learn something by listening guaranteed! SHARE FAIR but share!

Thank you James Corbett