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How does one school himself or herself in conservative ideas and ideals? Often one finds texts referring to seventeenth century or later obscure references not easily accessible to most humans that do not have the time to trip to libraries. Here is a book I found very enlightening.

img697The book published in 1976 ,now updated, explains in a concise matter exactly what the title promises; an overview of the American Conservative Intellectual Movement since 1945.Here are for quick reference  the contributors or  thinkers and authors covered in the book.

img698In 463 pages of the book The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945 the author George H. Nash (1945-), an Amherst College and Harvard Graduate in History, delights the reader in simple terms, with book references and details, about the finest thinkers in conservative circles.

Authors of lesser stature would make this a dull read that is not at all the case here! Nash a Massachusetts native contributed to the remaining conservative values of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the Nation as a whole in his many writings.

Nash in spite of the now well known progressive left views held by the majority of the population in Massachusetts, a state plagued by nepotism, fraud and corruption, all part of the Democratic and Republic heritage.

The Old Colony, once known as the birthplace of conservative citizens looking for new opportunity in unknown lands, are now better known for electing extreme left wing “long term” politicians and supporters of  neo corporate statism to the United States Congress. 

Nash provides insight and history in one book, a rare combination in a world of confused ideas and politics. The Way America Goes, so Does  the Free World! Better hurry and read fast.