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In the previous post linked here, we discussed the article about Federico Patellani as it appeared in the 1998 catalog of the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles.

The English translation of the original essay in Italian and German as it appeared in the Prima rassegna della Fotografia (above) as it was published in Rencontres follows below.

img709img710We have followed the in-pagination of the original lay out in the book below with some scanning limitation to the first page (shown below) where beneath the image the original text begins about half way down the page (not shown here).

img700 img701 img702 img703 img704 img705

img707Remember this is photo journalism before 1943, the publication date of the book, and most likely work from the late 1930’s. The images full page are reminding me of some of the best work done during that period by Dorothea Lange and other socially concerned photographers.

We covered the Fotografia book in a post last year, read the details here.