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img741This illustrious volume, with its “middle finger” and “red commie” symbols, was acquired by me in an obscure second hand bookstore recently. After some thought, I decided to write this post.

Societal change is a populist slogan today. It was the same yesterday and years ago. How much change can we afford when it is labelled a progressive change? A fundamental transformation? Is there any recourse in society for “duped students”?

Should University Professors, as a privileged elite class, or so they often think of themselves in their arrogant ivory towers a.k.a. the 1%, be held accountable as a CEO would be? Especially, when professors teach, grade and influence a class of students, for the nonsense they might spout?

Are professors not very often the (silent) co-conspirators of the new Military Industrial Complex that undermines the borders-language-culture concept for the benefit of the obscure global elitist “new world order” preached to young minds by some of them?

Should Academe be vetted on the whole? Who is accountable?

Are those who teach accountable, or are the students, who are willing to pay an ever higher price for “access to a working place in modern society- if they are lucky”, accountable?

Are these quasi places of higher learning becoming rapidly obsolete in the age of algoritmics? Below the back cover of the book:


Where will you find communist inspired rhetoric and the diehard socialist sympathizers of yesterday? The answer, in this case, is in universities like Harvard.

This handy heroic or so it seems, reference guide to Harvard political events printed in 1970, was written by the now Distinguished Professor Steven Kelman who from an insider experience as a Harvard freshman in 1966/67 describes what happened at Harvard University in the years a.k.a generally known as the troubled Harvard years and the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) involvement at Harvard University.

The book Push Comes to Shove by Steven Kelman with 287 pages has a plentiful bounty of SDS member’s names and other radical left winger names, and in great detail describes the activities of the SDS, seen through the eyes of a “heroic contributor to the peoples struggle”(sic).

There is more to learn here between these crafty pages that make the book read like a novel, and you wonder if the author missed his calling!

In his own words (page 42) Chapter 2 The Radicals quote:

” I came to Harvard with among other ideas, the intention to set up a democratic socialist club at Harvard, independent of the already flourishing SDS chapter, with which I had too many disagreements. Ever since I had come in contact with it through a friend in high school, the YPSL’s mix of political morality with tactical realism had impressed me. The organization had recently been revived by disillusioned veterans of the SDS. Oblivious of the many difficulties of starting a chapter of the Young People’s Socialist League-when hardly anyone but a few old time SDS cadres had even heard of the organization-. (all highlights and links were added by me)

Note: in 2010 the YPSL was dissolved and the members absorbed in the Socialist Party USA (SPUSA). In 2011 at the National Convention a decision was taken to revive the YPSL.

The author Steven Kelman was elected in February 1967 to the Young Dems Executive Committee. (page 70 of the book)

quote: “In the fall of 1968 Lenny Lehrman, a sophomore pacifist who would have been at home in the 1964’s SDS but today finds himself in the extreme right wing, came up with the idea that the cure for SDS’s problems would be for me to be SDS chairman” (from page 112/113) further down the same page “I’m running as a reform candidate. We have to get rid of the treacherous ruling clique, the SDS misleaders“. I kept a straight face while parodying SDS jargon, but I was lying. Of course it was a joke, I guess.” -end quote.

Are you still wondering what and who is running your country?

Steven Kelman is still teaching at the Kennedy School of Government.

Yes, the above book is not listed on his bio/cv! Disavowed perhaps?

More information on the SDS is at this link.