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Most Americans know very very little about the Ukraine and its checkered history over the last century. United States cities having a population of Ukrainian origin include Chicago and Philadelphia.

As always, history will repeat itself again and again. In a nutshell the case is simple here, but in the Ukraine nothing is simple and nothing is what it seems to be.

Let us look at a bit of history.

The Ukraine, this great country, independent again since 1991, with a population of approximately 45 million was at one time synonymous with the “great grain fields of Europe” , until it was plundered first in modern history by the Germans in WWII. The Ukrainian World War II  history is also full of massacres of minorities in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia by Ukrainians and Germans!

img262The novel Taras’ Family by well known Russian author and war reporter Boris Gorbatov (1908-1954) who entered Berlin with the Russian troops, was published after WWII. It describes the attitude of the Ukrainians towards the Germans and Jews.

The second plundering was by the Red Soviets, in both cases with the help of their various allies, i.e. Western Intelligence, and neighboring states like Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, or if you go back a bit further during the Sovietization of the Ukraine, in the twenties and thirties by the Reds.

The complex history around WWI and WWII, was a time when all involved parties claimed a part of what is now called the Western Ukraine, traditionally part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and not part of the Russian Empire. The Western part is different in many respects from the rest of the Ukraine. The main town in the Western Ukraine Lviv (Lwow, lemberg) is 550 kms from Kiev (kyiv) in the North Eastern part of the country.

The Ukraine, with its different religions, is now ripe again to fall into the hands of their old friend or foe – Germany. The German powerhouse, indisputably, is the motor of the European Union (EU) economy. The Ukraine will fall into the hands of the plundering EU.

In order to sign this agreement with the EU the current Oligarchs and the Ukraine Government demand aid in the form of 27 billion dollars from the EU in order to pay for part of the debt owed to Russia (for gas and oil). The Ukraine with its fertile grounds and factories will always be the crossroads to Russia. A number of important gas pipelines run through the Ukraine . The Germans do not need the Ukraine pipelines for gas transport. They have opened a pipeline directly to Russia that runs under the Baltic Sea directly into Germany in a consortium deal between Russia’s Gazprom and Wintershall, Germany’s largest crude oil and gas producer, a wholly owned subsidiary of largest chemical company in the world, BASF.

The joint venture goes under the name WINGAS (35% Gazprom Russia and 65% Wintershall)

How far does this cooperation go? What are some of the consequences for Europe and their gas deliveries? You can read and interpret more here.

So far so good, the EU (Germany) can now play their traditional plunder game again. This time with support by American hawks like Senator John McCain (R) spokesman for and aided by the US Military Industrial Complex as part of the worldwide “new order”. See his photo in the news article by the BBC. The EU is doing its positioning for further advancement to the East (drang nach Osten), i.e. Lebensraum to use a German WWII expression.

Posturing” is also done by the Russians and their Ukrainian allies with the help of the President of the Ukraine – Victor Yanukovych.

For those who like to delve into the obscure facts of the shadow history read this paragraph by Stephen Dorril in his book MI6.  I highly recommend this book for the history of MI6 and CIA involvement in Europe and the countless references and extensive bibliography it provides.

img750img749img751On the committed crimes by the various Ukrainian Underground armies against their own people and minorities there is a wealth of literature available. Many of these perpetrators were settled by the Allies after WWII in England, Canada, Australia and the United States, even if they had committed heinous crimes in Concentration camps in German occupied territories.

The best known camp was Auschwitz in Occupied Poland. The site was selected by the IG Farben Cartel’s Otto Ambros. The SS death camp supplied slave labor for the Auschwitz Monowitz sub camp for chemical production work. BASF was the main component of the IG Farben cartel. Today BASF is larger than the IG Farben cartel was during WWII. Members of pre war BASF became leaders again and gained top posts in BASF when the cartel was broken up and BASF was reestablished in the very early 50’s. After Ambros’s death in 1990, BASF paid tribute to him in an obituary as “an expressive entrepreneurial figure of great charisma”.

Ukraine factual information was well known by Western Intelligence Agencies like the CIA or their OSS forerunner and MI6.

Some of these Ukrainian and German war criminals trained US military personnel or worked for NASA (Werner von Braun) and various American chemical companies, again all well known historical facts. (Operation Paperclip)

US Congressmen and Senators surely do not known much of the checkered history of the Ukraine, nor do they care much on both sides of the aisle as long as they can create wealth for the abettors, the American plunderers of the EU populace, a.k.a. the big banks and big industry. Fairly soon they will come for your “wealth” perhaps under the guise of new social policies, the greater good, green energy, etc. This worldwide Cabal and their servants in the US Congress and other places was divided into 2 major camps since WWII, that is Left and Right (capitalists and communists) to put it simply. Today it no longer has an overt ideology but uses the “lingo” of either camp where suitable for the benefit of the new order! Ukrainians be aware!

From a political point of view: the European Final Solution is now in the ENDGAME stage, and you are dealing with the Masters of organized plunder, presented to the world as energy resource providers for the “greater good“.

Advice for American Policy makers and their cronies: Hands off the  Ukraine!

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