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img743 Think of all the hours someone else spent cooking for you. How about doing some of your own? On my shelf, I keep this wonderful book close at hand. The art of cooking can be practiced by anyone at any age, but you will have to put some love into it. These two authors surely did put love into this 1998 book with the simple title Hot Vegetables by Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison.

img748The photographs in this book are wonderful. Most recipes are relatively easy, and if you love veggies it is a must. I love to give the salsa a try myself. Have a look:

img747For those of you who don’t like it hot or if it troubles you on the next go around, then here is another suggestion for those faint of heart:

img744A hint from me: Take any of the above root vegetables and together with 80% lean ground beef, cooked quickly over high heat until medium done, melt some English or Irish cheese over the ground beef and then put this over a bit of green lettuce leaves of different types on your plate. For those beets, dress them up with real Parmesan grated cheese instead of the English or Irish varieties, or dress them down with American Swiss cheese for a mild taste (a crime) and enjoy! Not sure about the Rutabaga? read on