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img756I don’t really care if they found diamonds in the Antarctica, and unless you are one of the “one percenters” you will not lay your hands on them either!

However, you could lay your hands on one of these wonderful recipes! Have a good time cooking and have a fun time sharing it with whomever you desire. The top photograph and the two recipes below are from one of my favorite cookbooks, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz’s The Encyclopedia of Herbs Spices & Flavorings published in 1992 in the United Kingdom by Dorling Kindersley, Inc.. It is subtitled a cook’s compendium and yes it is truly that. For you butter aficionados out there, take a look at what you can do with all of this:

img754Is this too easy for you? Well, how about this here:

img755Now, just in case you are one of those ethnic foodies from the old world, I have written previously about that secret guide to genuine Italian home cooking earlier exercised by the best Roman cooks. These simple recipes are from the obscure secret guide titled The Cooking of Southern Italy alla casalinga” by Vincent Stile.

For those who pretend to be more sophisticated or domesticated, try this:

img752Adventuresome women (if there are some left after the so called “war on women”) could attempt a home baked crust pie, let me know how it worked out.

A bit of Grappa di Bassano before and after dinner will do fine for me.

Arrivederci Amici