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img845In the mountain of books in front of me, old as well as new, my eye caught a book with an “artsy” cover and a simple title the Poet’s Choice.

The paperback cover of this book is the work of artist/illustrator Frank Bozzo (1937-). The cover almost has a Paul Klee feel to it. It is a good hunch on my part because on the website of Frank Bozzo, the artist has some images on it that evoke and reinforce the dreamlike quality, so well expressed by Klee. At the same time, it is reminiscent of some of the image and type work done by a number of artists in the 60’s. The book, published in 1962 by Time Inc. in their special reading program series was edited by Paul Engle (1908-1991) a foremost poet himself, nominated in 1976 for a Nobel Peace Prize and poet Joseph Langland(1917-2007). Langland founded the Masters of Fine Arts program for poets and writers at Universtiy of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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The anthology is an important one that deserves more attention.


img848PRIVATE36 003Finally, here are a few words on poetry by the editors of this anthology.

img849img850The editors were right, in my opinion, about the work of Karl Shapiro, and I liked it so much that if you read anything at all read the text below.

img843img844Awesome, just awesome! You can actually still take a book in your hands, leaf through the pages, read a poem and then find out that the editors use it as an example in their preface. Take advantage of the physical page, passionately peruse the book and curl the covers if you like if it is yours.

PRIVATE36 004Explore the poet’s mind, Shapiro (1913-2000) was a Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry in 1945, while you still have time. Let your mind wonder before the corporatist contrived media culture sucks you back into Google books or some other expression of gently “nudged” vicarious learning, my good friends.