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img826Josef Koudelka, a Czech photographer, was born in 1938 in Moravia.

He started photographing with a 6 by 6 Bakelite camera! Today, Koudelka is considered one of the great living masters of Czechoslovakian photography. Although trained as an aeronautical engineer, he started photographing Gypsies in 1961. He put his full attention to photography in 1967 at the onset of the Czech dark ages.

He was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal for his courageous photographing of the Soviet invasion in 1968, and went into exile in 1970. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Magnum Agency.

img827Koudelka has a number of well known photo books to his credit, but here is an older published American piece that includes 8 photographs in Horizon Magazine Summer 1976 issue, of which we post two photos.

img825img828Here is an older post we wrote on Gypsies and photography, and another superb post on the Gypsies’ journey including actual music and rare videos. Really a must see!