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It is the beginning of 2014, and it is the voting year.

You can still be your own virtual King, Queen, Prince or Princess on Social Media where you can be counted by the importance of your likes and be befriended with a click! Can you have a virtual vote that counts?

You can stealth your personality into the public square cyber space or throw a proverbial real pebble into the murky undergrowth of a bloated politicized and polarized society the old fashioned way.

Read the following quote for a healthy dose of “ancient wisdom“.  Do you TRUST the purveyors of the electronic vote? It is explained in simple terms and connects how all of that applies to YOUR life.

img854(photo Horst Blohm)

pebbles 1(see credit note below)

One half of the world is awake when roughly one half of the world sleeps, and I think there will be few of you who will argue that cycle.

pebbles2Who do you think will count your voting PEBBLES in 2014? Don’t worry who is watching you, worry instead about who or what is counting.

Who are the “counters”? Let me paraphrase a saying by a well known American political female figure here “what difference does it make”?

Who invests in these virtual “counters“? Public information shows the following companies hold a stake:

Nauta Capital has offices in Boston “kingdom of Democratic capitalism”, London, and Barcelona.

Balderton Capital  is based in London, United Kingdom. Team Managers include ex Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and BAIN Companyemployees, now partners/principals.

Spinnaker Capital Partners offices are located in Connecticut and Massachusetts both Democratic Party strongholds. The Principals in the firm managed funds for Deutsche Bank and led transactions for Cerberus Capital of New York.

Why would you trust a Government that cannot oversee a contractor who builds a website for a cost of half a billion dollars in order to operate a nationalized part of the economy a.k.a. Healthcare? Why would you trust that same Government to subcontract and oversee electronic vote counting to a publicly funded corporation that until recently, before the acquisition of a United States based company operated outside “National Control”? Or does the National Security Agency (NSA) do the checking? 

ASK VLADIMIR PUTIN if he wants to take that risk! LARGE POTENTIAL FUTURE PROFITS ARE TO BE MADE FOR THE 1% “INVESTORS”, if this abuse of Citizen Sovereignty takes place. Controlling the VOTE is controlling YOUR PURSE!

YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU, THE READER, TO PUT YOUR PEBBLES IN THE VOTING MACHINE POT, hence you are advised to do your own future and further research in your (willing?) participation in a New World Order while you still can. See for yourself how the 1% a.k.a. “Das Kapital” invests in OUR future. THE LINKS ABOVE WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD START.

Credits: Photo(Hans Blohm) and pebbles introductory text from the book:

Pebbles to Computers Oxford University Press, Toronto 1986, authors Hans Blohm, Stafford Beer, David Suzuki. A book about the connections that link and pattern the story of humanity’s attempt to understand its experience.