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The Art of Persuasion a history of advertising photography was published by Abrams in 1988 on the occasion of an exhibition with the same name held at the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House.

The author Robert A. Sobieszek, Director of Photographic Collection at the George Eastman House since 1981 did an admirable job on this finely printed folio size book. Two hundred and eight numbered pages, 187 Illustrations and 81 plates in full color, artist bios and an extensive bibliography make this a worthwhile addition to any collection relating to advertising or photography.

In a number of chapters, the author goes through the history from the early days until present with superb examples of noteworthy artists. (back cover below)

From the golden age in American advertising through romance, coolness and literacy you will find examples in the book.

Do not miss another book, by the same author, titled Master Pieces from the George Eastman House Collections  either.