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img866 Amidst freezing Arctic polar vortex winds and subzero temperatures outside, another story comes to mind.

In the age before “global warming” some courageous men climbed mountains and actually saw the Antarctic, instead of bull blabbing about “global warming”. Last year 2013, it was exactly sixty years that some outrageous New Zealander “kiwi from down under” got it in his head to climb the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest.

img867 Illustrator Charles Liese, better known for his pulp fiction illustrations, did a fine job on the cover and author Mark Sufrin brings the story very well alive in the book To the Top of the World. If you are the proverbial “sissy”, then please don’t read on!

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img865This was the era when men were men and women were women in mind, body and spirit, and perhaps a bit more engaged than the average “latte crowd” of today.

Never mind! You are probably engrossed in the Chris Christie “BRIDGE SCANDAL”, anxiously drooled over by the drive by left wing progressive media, that mostly work from home and certainly not from so called “HOTSPOTS”. Here is climber Sir Edmund Hillary’s short biography, not to be confused with Hillary C., she could not even climb over Bill’s mountain.

img868img869Scaling five peaks in five days! Not even in Washington, D.C. does Congress scale more than one peak problem in a year! Those pundits have never even heard of Mount Benghazi, perhaps they only know about the hot smoke coming from some Congressman’s A**, or from the Hawaiian smoke signals from the little dictator in the Spite House.

Below Sir Edmund Hillary with his group on a 1200 mile trip across ANTARCTICA  on tractors.

img870Photos from the book, published in 1966 for the ages of 12 and up by Platt and Munk Publishers, New York.