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Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this song was a number one song on the Dutch Hit Parade (Top 40) in 1971. Anti Vietnam War protesters were clashing with “The State” along the canals. It was the Provo and the “liberated” white bicycle era (free use for all) in a town much ahead of the rest of the world at that time, and a town where people dared to voice their opinions on the street.

Opinion: The current (Democratic Party) United States Secretary of State Mr.John Kerry’s Vietnam records are well known. The regrettable recent Iran adventure of Mr. Kerry will go on record in the near future.

The warmongers are always in the shadows of those who run for the highest office in the land. The stalwart Democrat and shill for Hillary Clinton in her coming campaign, retired US General Wesley Clark, former Nato Supreme Commander and record in Bosnia (1995 under President Bill Clinton) and Kosovo(1999) are perhaps less well known to Americans, but they are well known to Europeans.


Rod McKuen who has numerous records, books and a lot of poetry to his credit, offered another view of what society was in the 60’s and 70’s, and it could be in the future. What has changed?