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Looking at cookbooks makes you wonder if bigger is better and if what  these Master Chefs propose really tastes better than something in that obscure cookbook in your cupboard. Well, I guess it is similar to the experience of going to a large museum, or the more intimate one. You might like milestone Impressionists (I prefer the Dadaist painters), or you might like Picasso in that large Metropolitan museum and I might fall for an O’Keefe in that small rural museum. In other words ,comparing apples with oranges, but fruit it is! Now back to the book, published in 1975.

img978img979Going into these large establishment kitchens must be an incredible experience akin to visiting a potential “war zone” before or when all hell breaks loose, albeit I am sure that a well organized army of Chefs, Sous-chefs and Sommeliers will await you during the February 7-9, 2014 Culinary Weekend

at this world famous resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

It takes courage to open this cook book on a Saturday morning and thinking about making something very delicious, it seems almost like sacrilege. No, the cook book is not oversize but the potential for an oversize dish for four, like suckling duck in an orange sauce would be here.


Scaling back the fantasy of that super stainless kitchen and eyeing the pans I would need, I thought about something charmingly simple, more human sized and laid back like a fine bourbon, so here is my pick:


I do admit, the views from the dining rooms must be gorgeous on a summer night just look at the photograph below from the cookbook.

Having experienced the polar vortex this week, even that summer night is fantasy right know. Please do not email me about the “old white club”, a banana is still a banana in “politically correct” speech.