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Clipboard01img983Here is a really neat cookbook, published in 1969. This one has a real life story which makes it so interesting to me. No, thank goodness there are no pictures of “finished food” in this entire book, not even one. “Papa Rossi” had his own widely known Italian restaurant for over 40 years in San Francisco, where else?

The photo at the top of the post came from this website that gives you a good impression of Sorrento, Italy and the photos make me think of all the Papa Rossis of this world. We all would love to think that San Francisco could be Sorrento but no way! Grazie Sorrento cc.


img985img986I marvel at the story and at some of Papa Rossi’s home style cooking. There must be countless stories left in this country like it and imagine for a minute hearing the Italian dialect in this microcosmos of Southern Italy, with their love for the kitchen...Fa presto ciccia, or perhaps something more potent like ma fa……

img987ABe sure to pay close attention to any one of these risotto dishes. Risotto  seems to be in fashion nowadays. My favorite recipe which I’ll try this weekend is the one with the anchovies below.

img987BA good white wine from the Po Region up North will do just fine with this simple dish, if you are not sure about your Southern Italian wines. Buon Appetito!