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gentlemansviewpointWhat goes up must come down. This prehistoric wisdom is hard to justify when you hear about the billions that are spent to keep economies going without justifiable reasons.

When you have a crop of rotten apples you get rid of them! You wait for the next crop to come, but you employ the right people to give you an opinion as to why your crop turned bad.

Here is another view from something preserved in my archive. You will be hard pressed to find another one in a superb condition. This is history of the finest order! Better than any other book by any economist that you can buy.


The building on the brochure cover above is known by all but few would recognize it. It is still the place where it all happens, the good, the bad, the evil, but not all evil of course. img444img4431936! YES 1936, This is a few years after the greatest Depression in the world economy known to mankind.img445 The man in the middle, is not raising his hand in a customary salute to a great fascist power overseas. He is merely taking stock orders. These days everything is electronic and your government can and will keep score of all “socially unjustifiable transactions” soon. The NSA keeps score of your emails, telephone calls, what you read and where you read on the internet. The government tells you what to eat, how to eat (no larger than…) what type of car to drive, tax you on why you drive, indexes your drivers license to their gun registration and fairly soon will employ inspectors to check your residence for “under utilization”.
Those new legal illegals after amnesty have to live somewhere don’t they?

After all let’s face it a 200 square feet apartment in New York City, the new “rabbit warren” is good enough for you according to them. It is sold to you with fold-out furniture as if this is a new idea. Now it is called Progressive Design.

Let us go back in history just a tiny bit. The black outlined box below  and other underlining is entirely mine.

img446img447img451STEEL? Steel? No more in America my friends! Production is now in the hands of the “new economies”. Chrysler? Bailed OUT. You the old economy is near death and keeping you from dying off is the new “death care” called HEALTHCARE which just got “nationalized”, by YOUR GOVERMENT, but who gives a crap, next come the 401K, IRA, SAVINGS, Pension plans etc. Who cares? Next comes the new name “United States Socialist Republic. Who cares?

img449img450img452Standard Oil of Indiana, no more! Incorporated into EXXON. Douglas Aircraft into oblivion!

img453img448CORZINE, MADOFF, ENRON, PONZI. Never heard of them? Brokers come and go, like banks come and go. Who cares? Oh yes, by the way Bethlehem Steel in the picture above is no more.img450Have no fear, Your Government is here, the money pundits and manipulators will still take your money and put it to “their use”. LOL

This brochure is for sale to the right party! You must qualify first and be either:

A: Corrupt banker or broker

B: Preacher, Rabbi, Mormon or new age Pope, who will undo the  earthly devils work, by using this in your sermons.(Note this brochure will only be sold for real cash no future in heaven good deed promises). I know you will not apply, since you do not have the guts to use this, as the saying goes “your flesh is weak” and God will take care of everything.

C: Foreign investor, preferably Asian who will show this over a good whiskey to his trading partners and together have a good laugh about those gullible Americans who only want lower prices for everything and who no longer believe in a morality other than in the not so eternal “greenback”. The Love of country, culture and language are outdated symbols dating back to the time before the new social media behaviorist were let out.

D. Lowest priority will be given to those institutions who squander money on salaries and amenities and who provide a lesser education for more “good money” a.k.a. New deal Squeezers.

E. If you are a Democrat or Republican in Government or Congress talking out both sides of your mouth about social justice, the 1% and so on and in the mean time have lined your pockets with money made in the Military Industrial Complex on Wall Street: You are automatically disqualified from applying, your eternal day of doom and damnation will come soon when you are voted out of office, no matter how many times you think you can rig the coming elections.

F. Economists, no chance at any price, please do not apply.