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Sometimes while researching a topic you are really surprised beyond believe. In perusing an older book bought a few months back, I found this newspaper clipping tucked inside, “The Exile Returns, Full Praise for Mussolini” and decided to write this post.


Ezra Pound, a poet of the master class, and a man who was convicted of treason after the war and spent numerous years in an insane asylum, but a poet he was no matter what his political views were. There is unfortunately no date to be found as to when this newspaper article appeared. Presumably, it was published in a New York newspaper.


I arrived at a date by reading a very small blurb on the backside of this article about a man who wrote books that were sold by the millions.

The man was Adolf Hitler whose birthday was April 20th, 1889 and by reading the blurb above I realized that the date of this news article was April 20th, 1939. More than 5 million copies of MEIN KAMPF (My Struggle) had been sold by that date unless the figures were fake. I wonder how many copies of Mr. Obama’s best book have been sold to date, unless those figures were faked.

Below is a poster dating back to those dark days. I wonder what you and I will be reading in the future? We might all go the way of the Conservative Martyr Mr. Dinesh D’Souza, investigated, condemned, found guilty by whom? Let out on bail higher than one set for a criminal of any kind.







Recent public statements on the radio by a New York Democratic Senator, Mr.Chuck Schumer, with whom I share a similar common ancestry all the way back to Moses, make me wonder as well which side he would be on? Would he be on the side of the book burners lighting the fire, or perhaps a “innocent” and very “ignorant” bystander?

In my opinion, viewed by his statements (he may say what he likes and where he likes, but I do not have to agree with him) he belongs on the side of burners. This is after all still a Republic Mr. Schumer!