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Much of what is in this book Twentieth Century Limited by Jeffrey L. Meikle published in 1979, is well known today by students of design history. Mr. Meikle, succeeds in giving us a detailed view of the mindset that catapulted American industry into modernism during the interbellum.

Little previously publicized photos of designer refrigerators and other items, as well as, the background information to the New York World’s Fair make up for other shortcomings. The sources and footnotes are as interesting as the sometimes drawn out text in the book. The better known designers like Norman Bel Geddes, Raymond Loewy, Walter Dorwin Teague and Harry Dreyfuss are all covered, but others are not.

All in all, this book is still a good reference written more from an intellectual viewpoint than from a hands on design view. Still, it is a good reference if you do not want to buy or read monographs on each designer mentioned.