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No, this is not a sermon. No one here will tell you what to believe, nor did the Founding Fathers tell you what to believe, in fact if you do not believe you are still O.K.

The Pledge of Allegiance does not specify which God, does not disavow your individual right not to believe, but exercises the Nation’s right to demand something of their citizens. It does NOT specify an allegiance to an “electronically, scientifically run, trans humanist Overseer”, or a KING in the name or place of GOD.

Here is an example, in book form, of how those “Founders” thought about these issues, and how you as a teacher or counselor can put this into practice.


Simple moral  “Christian” views are carefully explained, wisdom was freely given. img306

Give your students a chance to see what the originators of these texts said.img307 You owe it to them!


Provide the learning opportunity for young minds to experience one of the many guiding lights that come our way in life.