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Watch out! This interesting and eloquently written book, The Power of Babel by John McWhorter will make you think again before giving up English and adopting Bantu or something similar.

Perhaps, this book should be given to politicians before they think about using other languages on voting forms, other than ENGLISH that is! This includes using different languages put up in buses to tell every nationality how to stop that bus as you can experience in California and other places.

After you read this book, you know why nations put up borders and signs.


The adaptation of the power of Babel results in a proverbial Tower of Babel with all the disastrous results evidenced for two thousand years. This book is a nice try as an entertaining, intellectual, somewhat racy oversimplified exercise into culture and behaviors by a young professor who speaks it all.

In my opinion: The oversimplification and the “do good attitude” will probably result in a Tower of Babel instead of a Power of Babel! With the proposed electronic voting on your mobile phone or on the internet, you do not have to speak any civilized language at all. You can stay in your little corner cave and thank every minority in the world residing here and elsewhere that will surely bank on your “democratic do good senses” to run your Republic. Good Luck!

Using one language instills transparency in the dealings of men of goodwill. Ever heard of Esperanto anyone? Esperanto, as a unifying language, did not work out very well.

On going comments about Esperanto inspired me to post this picture below: