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What a sumptuous book Voyages Around the World by Marc Walter is! It was published by Friedman/Fairfax, 2002, ISBN:158663/718/5 with 319 pages. With its outstanding printing, photos, and stories, it is meant to be read over and over again.


Engross yourself in this book before you go anywhere!

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Put yourself in the mindset of the Grand Tour.

Stay at the Prince of all Hotels – The Raffles in Singapore, read about Paris.

Read about the real Hotels where a Concierge is really a concierge!

When bellhops knew all about the different cylinders in the most luxurious cars of that era.

Go to Egypt for the first time and join the sweaty crowd. Sit on a terrace of a hotel on the Island of Java.

Wherever you will sit or walk, you can smell the odors of foreign spices in  markets. Browse through a travel or hotel brochure tucked away inside this book. REALLY!

Feel the sweet air of the Bosporus.

Enjoy a Turkish coffee in Istanbul, or espresso in Napoli.

Experience Oriental hospitality in the company of writers who put their inner most experiences and observations into words.

Observations we have forgotten over the years or not seen in writing, but these writers did not forget them and this book shares the obscure and the well known.

I am in awe and can guarantee you will love this book. Start a scrap book, let your creative genius peek through and out! Collect the unusual and write.