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Who and what is a visionary?

Is it a science fiction (sci fi) author whose predictions come out after 40 or 50 years? Can you be an author, mathematician, astronomer, astrophysicist who writes plays and still be a serious scientist with 100’s of publication to your name and not be known by the public at large?

The answer is a definite yes. Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) the author of the book The Black Cloud was all of that and more. In this suspense story molecular clouds move in between the earth and the sun, threatening the world with “climate change”. Having survived the recent Polar Vortex, I am prepared (LOL).

The author’s book is still in print in paperback version by Penguin as of 2010. A play and movie were made after it, this does not surprise me now. The author also wrote a book titled ICE in 1981 as a counter to the then prevalent theory of “global warming”!


Sir Fred Hoyle, was also a Cambridge (UK) Professor from 1957-1972 and the Director/Founder of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge from 1967-1972. One of his books is still required reading for any aspiring student in Astronomy today. This link will give you an overview with excellent commentaries on his non fiction books. The above book was published in a hardbound version in 1957. This is the first Signet paperback printing of June 1959. No clue as to the designer of the cover. The excellent extensive entry to the science fiction encyclopedia is here.