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Forked tongued advice from an UBER DEMON to a small demon dreamer whose job is to enslave a God fearing crowd!

You have been tribalized and trivialized, atomized and perhaps circumcised, kardashinized, transgenderized and now you will be spinalized perhaps Hillarized, surely climatized or demonized.

You have been lied to, spied on and homoginized, don’t cry we will take your money too. A once mighty middle class now nearly gone, polarized, GWbridgerized and never looking around at what else goes on.

You are now half white, quarter black, one sixteen indian and mainstream somali-iced, officially bieberized or saudinized what difference does it really make?

What will be left is a 1%, the UBER RICH. You and me , the 99% will be the REST!

You tried to take back what was rightfully yours, a Constitution, and a flag, your borders now all but gone, you wince and cry, because the safe gate keepers are gone.

We the Marauders come and are near your very gates, who is holding down your fort? Your Cross is gone, the dove fell near, the pen is now the poor man’s sword and all the while the buzz goes on. You have been facebook liked but I have tweeted you all down.

Now spin again, and spin again that merry go-round, never mind your flag is upside down. You’re a comfy left wing lib looking at a Brave New World now so very near outside, don’t cry for me said Evita.

I impose any bill, I enslave every sixteenth canaanite, any bullish minority Pelosinize, Reidized or Boehnerize and spin you like a FOOL.