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private38 042Give a man a book on cooking and he might first think about pizza with truffles. Give a woman a book on cooking and she might first think about desserts. Either way the dining adventure will be mouthwatering and delicious!

What is great about reading cookbooks is almost everything tastes good! The above book Dining in France brings together a great editor Christian Gault famous in France as a publisher of superb guides, and a perfect connoisseur in the form of Pierre Salinger, Journalist, TV host, mangeur and a photographer who turns every plate into a feast for the eyes. Consequently all the photographs are by Philippe-Louis Houze and from the book.

private38 060The book introduces a number of very great chefs listed above who perhaps are now stars in their own right.

private38 049private38 048None will be as famous as Paul Bocuse pictured below in front of a photograph of himself!

private38 052From the dress and pots and pans you know this is serious business and mouthwatering food!

private38 050The 175 page book published in 1986 was made after a public television series hosted by Pierre Salinger. Fifty difficult master recipes take us through most corners of France. The book includes names and telephone numbers of choice restaurants but who knows if they are still in business as we write.

private38 046Fine chapters on the history of some cooking styles, from bistro to haute cuisine make it obvious this book is for the select few.  To appreciate the ambiance and fine food in these establishments, one is expected to have developed their palate and wardrobe, at least a jacket and real leather shoes.

private38 051Who would not want to sit at an Art-Nouveau bar admiring the craftsman’s woodwork or better yet the company and sipping a fine wine from a great cellar.

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private38 057French cooking implies the use of the finest ingredients, superb presentation, good flatware and lots of dining time and money.

Now as far as my fantasy goes, I selected the following recipe for a near future Valentine’s day but any other occasion will do. I think you can use most types of fish in this recipe but below is picture of what that dish should look like when YOU are done.

img111Bon Appetit, Messieurs, Dames et a votre sante!

img112Too much fantasy and trouble? Check your local listings for that French home style bistro cooking and try the Pot-au-feu.