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One of the words, that sits at the crossroads where words form sentences and the formation of social concepts on the one hand and reality as a conglomerate of political and economical influences on the other, is “LIBERTY” also substituted by “INDEPENDENCE” or perhaps better yet by “AUTONOMY”.

With the word “Liberty” we can also associate the word “Freedom of” or “Freedom from” as opposed to the unregulated social concept of “Freedom to”. Legal concepts belong to the first word and social behavioral concepts belong to the second association.

Independent or Autonomous, belong to the realm of “action” or in the philosophical sense to the “process of thought”, but generally is associated with governing, governance and government. Here is a glimpse at how the author, Niccolo Machiavelli perceived hundreds of years ago  these concepts.


img036img037I especially like the German words from the back cover: Real Politik, that  takes place in reality, i.e.“the hidden agenda”, comprised of 3 basic elements: Ideology, economics, and social control.

Let us start with the last two words: social control. This includes “nudging” as with the Coca Cola ad in the  2014 Superbowl to cite a recent example where you can hijack a popular song, concept or custom and create enough mayhem, inciting enough people to start a discussion, and thus add to the hidden agenda by bringing the nudged concept to the forefront of the media and attempt to socialize the topic (immigration, equality, justice, etc). Another way of social control is done though subsidies to certain “tribes”, such as, minorities of color or creed or sexual behavior. This attempt is strictly in the hands of two classes: Government and the rich who hold the power of the purse in general.

Economics: In the hands of the government through coercion, regulation, and the military industrial complex, the trans national  corporations often have budgets larger than “Autonomous States”, those “countries” or “regions” protected and supported by “borders, language, shared culture”.

The military industrial complex is supported by government through contracts for services, the banks and “stored wealth” stock markets, hedge funds and other financial instruments beyond control of the average shareholder in the economy, i.e. the citizens or peasants. They are allowed a sniff at the trough (stock markets) but their “interest” can be to expropriate at will. (what goes up comes down).

Ideology: Pandering, sloganeering put into a concept to serve the two preceding concepts. Under the “new world order“, it becomes a “variable“, flexible set of ideas, rules and corresponding laws to obliterate the words: Independent, autonomous, liberty. No longer a tool of the Right or Left sides of a political divide, a tool of “the right or wrong”, a tool for the instruction of morality, an equal opportunity for have or have nots, it has become a tool to be used in the warfare of the plunderers against those born with unalienable rights. The common citizen (citoyen) inhabitant of an “independent or autonomous” Republic, State, Region bound by the rule of law under which prevails the motto: Equal justice for all.

machiavelliBlack or White Prince your reign will not last. This is the wisdom lesson, we can all take home today.