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gentlemansviewpointOne small thing leads to another. Looking at the image below, I thought about ways to look back at past history. I was amazed at a certain coincidence, sort of a parallel look at current history in the making. Let me explain.

img831An interesting clay tablet photograph from Roman Times, from my archive, but who was this Septimius Severus? Did he use a Roman sort of IRS to spy on his political adversaries? Why else would someone make a clay tablet like this?

I did a little reference checking, since a picture of a marble bust of Septimius Severus in this post would not do for me. I found something better, an opinion on the British Museum website, (a good source as they have a lot of “Empire Relics” laying around) with this fascinating statement:

“it is good to see the statue of Septimius Severus, the first African emperor of the Romans, on display. He is seen by many as a very important figure in the historical timeline of black people in Britain. He died and was buried at York. It is the only image of Septimius Severus I’ve seen to date that shows him with the features and looks of a North African. Seeing this statue in this gallery makes me feel that at last the African presence in ancient Britain is being acknowledged.” Fowokan George Kelly, of Jamaican origin

Further along on the site we find this information: “Septimius Severus was the first Roman Emperor born in Africa. He ruled between AD 193 and 211. Although his family was of Phoenician rather than black African descent, ancient literary sources refer to the dark colour of his skin and relate that he kept his African accent into old age. He was an accomplished general who, having defeated his internal enemies in a series of civil wars, went on to victories at the furthest frontiers of the Empire, from Mesopotamia to Britain, where he died, at York (Eboracum) in AD 211”. End of the entree of the British Museum page   

African presence in Great Britain in Roman Times? How many were there? First Emperor of the Roman Empire born in Africa? Let me check some other sources like the usually reliable Catholic Encyclopedia as follows: “Severus had clear political vision, still he cared nothing for the interests of Rome and Italy. He nourished within himself the Punic hatred of the Roman spirit and instinct and furthered the provincials in every way. He was revengeful and cruel towards his opponents, and was influenced by a blindly superstitious belief in his destiny as written in the stars. With iron will he labored to reorganize the Roman Empire on the model of an Oriental despotism. The troops in the East had proclaimed as emperor the capable governor of Syria, Pescennius Niger, the legions in Britain, the governor Clodius Albinus. On the other hand the soldiers in Italy and the senators came over to the side of Severus; Julianus, the prefect of the Pretorian Guard, was executed. Severus rested his power mainly upon the legions of barbarian troops; he immortalized them upon the coinage, granted them, besides large gifts of money and the right of marriage, a great number of privileges in the military and civil service, so that gradually the races living on the borders were able to force Rome to do their will.”-

Does this sounds like something very familiar to you? Bring this forward to today! Clear political views not in the interests of the USA? Soldiers and Senators coming over to his side! Immortalize a private army like the DHS/TSA? Privileges? Races meaning barbarians living on the border imposing their will? What else is new, let us double check more information, from the same site: “During the reign of Severus the fifth persecution of the Christians broke out. He forbade conversion to Judaism and to Christianity. The persecution raged especially in Syria and Africa.”

Well interesting to say the least, as the French say, Le Temps Revient, Le Temps Revient.

Coincidence? Under the current Occupant of The White House, there is a war on Christianity (Some group wants to get rid of a cross on a Veteran’s Monument in California). Plenty of other examples abound, you can’t call it Christmas but Happy Holidays, or Kwanzaa. There is also war against Christians in the Middle East surprisingly in SYRIA. There is also covert war against the Jews (In public statements, Secretary of State John Kerry would support a boycott of Israel). There is arming of terrorists in the Middle East by the US Government (Benghazi-Lybia-Septimus was born in Lybia). Eric Holder does not enforce all law, Congress does not enforce the borders in spite of what they claim be they Republicans or Democrats.

Jewish in name only Senator (D) Chuck Schumer openly advocates amnesty and immigration reform. No of course not, there is no physical “war” going on here, is there? How about wholesale military purges by this Administration with the motto “shut up if you want to stay and get a pension“.

Let me check a few other sources: Encyclopedia Brittanica: ” He founded a personal dynasty and converted the government into a military monarchy. His reign marks a critical stage in the development of the absolute despotism that characterized the later Roman Empire.”

Sounds very much like a man with executive orders in hand!

Today’s expression by psychiatrists: CULT OF PERSONALITY is the code word for “personal dynasty”. More information needed? Look at wikipedia or read the 2008 article in the Times Literary Supplement on line. Those Britts always get report news first. Think about the Snowden Story reported first in the British Press.

There is good news here look at the Victory for the United Kingdom Tea Party, the UKIP, under leadership of Nigel Farage.

Dust of your “pitchforks”. Fairly soon there will be “VICTORIES” in a voting district near YOU. Out with the Over Lords of the Democrats’ Plantation and their Republican cronies!