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img917 There are more books written today about “Conservatism” in politics, but none so potent as the books written by William F. Buckley Jr. (1925-2008).

His book Right Reason is a collection of some of his writings published in 1985, now more needed for the right reasons than ever before perhaps. Admired for his wit by friend and foe alike he will always amaze you with his sound reasoning and multitude of researched facts. Unlike our feeble minded politicians today, Buckley, Jr. would have read the ObamaScare Death Bill from front to back before speaking or writing about it.

img919img920img921Buckley, Jr.’s works are impeccable, educational references and with a style of writing to match. These were his trademarks!

img922 img923 img924MR. BUCKLEY, RIP, the country misses you!