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In the unruly world of the New World Order Federation some interesting things are happening.

Number One: The Call for an International Boycott of Israel. Israel does not want to bow to John Kerry’s (US Secretary of State) absurd agenda for the Balkanization of Israel and Jerusalem. I am assuming he has a stake in a secret barb wire factory or a buddy that manufactures watchtowers the way they did 70 years ago. No Dice you lice (sounds better than louse).

img900Sometimes you wonder who the dog or who the man is. I have heard interesting stories about American political figures who ate dog. What is next, eat men? There are also a lot of far west stories about wild dogs eating men! A word of advice here, do not look too deep into Nobel prize winner and author of the above book, Man Meets Dog, Konrad Lorenz’s past life, because you will find some well known but craftily hidden Nazi stains! The whole thing is about “IMPRINTING”.

Number Two: The United States is trying to break free from all their allies, so during the coming war with Iran the US will have to go it alone. (Remember the famous slogan “Never let a good opportunity go to waste“) and so the State Department’s Secret Agenda with the New Socialist Leadership in Washington, DC will bring the Nation to its knees or so they think! It did not work with Obamacare but perhaps the Iranian warships in the Atlantic Ocean will make some America loving Democrats think twice.

Forget about that barking dog, Charles Schumer who only lines the pockets of his political backers (in this case those big businesses that favor immigration amnesty or reform) instead of doing the right thing, in my opinion, for his constituents. Of course, if you are not part of the Cuomo/Schumer cabal you don’t belong in that state. Thank God I do not!

The Wall Street Journal Page A18 of Saturday/Sunday February 8-9,2014 carries an interesting article titled “Ukraine Stalemate as Diplomats Snipe“, the reaction in the press about the telephone conversation between 2 US diplomats can be seen here. Understandable using the Fbomb by one of those diplomats does not help the US/European Relations especially with Germany which is almost ready in considering the UkraineProvinz im Osten” or in plain English “Province in the East“. Bungling by the State Department and US diplomats is nothing new, meddling in “Foreign Lands” (Libya, Egypt, etc) either. So be ready for the “UKRAINIAN SPRING “. Interesting is the comment by a Russian Kremlin adviser Sergei Glazyev who thinks that the US is arming and training opposition forces in the Ukraine and that Russia could be obliged to respond, without elaborating. Interesting, did we not get caught very recently somewhere in the Middle East just doing exactly that? US ships off the coast of Soichi don’t help the mutual understanding either given that KIEV is only 1400 kms away, and it is a lot less to Odessa. Are we ready for another GULF of TONKIN? Watch out you Russians our post offices just bought a few million rounds of ammo, just in case you want to post any letters here.

Really cool guys those folks from the State Department, you would think such communications would be done inside the US Embassy and if elsewhere over “secure lines“. Perhaps the Russians are learning from the NSA something about tapping or taping phones.(LOL)

If you still have doubts about how these yoyo’s meddle in other lands listen to Russian TV in English on this video.