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img131September 1972 First Vintage book Edition.

Colin Fletcher(1922-2007)Founding father of modern backpacking and author was the first man ever to have walked in 1963 through the entire length of the Grand Canyon National Park in one go. In this remarkable book he tells of that journey, two months of struggle against heat and cold, lack of water, dwindling supplies, nearly impassable terrain. This book is more than a mere adventure story, this is also a spiritual odyssey during which one man begin to understand mankind’s unique place in the vastness of nature.

It is a “true life” story, after our previous “Walden” post, we stay with nature here.

img133img135The journey is two hundred rivers miles long and at the center over a mile deep, the width varies between an average 10 miles to over thirty miles. Some of it unknown to man and nearly impassible. Here is more about the author.