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img218This is a well read copy of the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury! The first edition was October 1953 and the seventy-fourth printing May 1988. The cover art is by Donna Diamond, and over four and a half million copies were in print.


img219Do you think the story is still a “story” worthwhile reading? If you have heard about COMMON CORE being introduced into American Education you owe it to yourself and your (grand)children to read the coda(end) from the book below (underling in red mine).

The “burning of the mind” with the Common Core Program will start if you do not act to oppose it now! Computer programs will teach your kids in the future, and they will be data mined for social engineering. The results from the data mined will be used to create computer programs that will take the place of teachers. Welcome to the New World Order instituted with the help of the Progressive Democrat Teacher’s Unions. Who is screwing who here?

img239 img240A img240B img241 img242Stop the socialist’s social engineering of K-12 schooling now! All schools will be affected including religious and homeschooling.

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