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gentlemansviewpointOn this Presidents’ Day you will undoubtedly be spellbound, listening to the homogenized rhetoric coming somewhere out of that most sacred of all cities – Washington DC. Allow me to explain how this works with an actual example of where the truth is to be found.


img189img190I have been studying this superb book, The Wine Book by Alexander Dorozynski and Bibiane Bell under the direction of Louis Orizet, all weekend and here is where I found part of the amazing truth, read on with this Iranian winemaker in the picture.

img199img198You really wonder about something? Did Mr. Obama or Mr. Kerry get one of those really rare wines? If so, we mere mortals did not see “a small vaporous genie” escape from a long-necked straw bound flask yet!

Pungent yes, stinking to the high heavens yes! A genie or genius, no dice! Perhaps they became slaves just like the story. Now, I am wondering if they are actually still drinking any wine in Iran under the Iranian Mullahs?

I am quite sure the “Washingtonian Mullahs” in the Senate and Congress do!

Yes, by the way did you notice the “Coptic frieze” on the bottom of the page? Don’t worry, at the rate we are going in the Middle East there will be only a few “token” Coptic Christians left and like in Afghanistan there will be no type of friezes of any “multiculture” left at all.

“token” = like token blacks, token Jews, for display i.e. show only.

Now you all have a nice day “Gentlemen”