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img077 Does history repeat itself? Shown below are some images from the Hungarian Anti Communist revolt in 1956 from the book, The Hungarian Revolution edited by Melvin J. Lasky.

The Western Powers betrayed the Hungarian Patriots big time! Is the Ukraine a different story? Are all those protesters Pro European patriots? Or is the movement sabotaged by the Western powers again? What role does the “Open Society” play? What role does the United States’ State Department play? What role does Germany play? What did US Senator John McCain do on the 13th December, 2013 in Kiev, seen in the company of Neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyanhybok? Was it a coincidence that on January 1, 2014 about 15,000 people attended a rally, call it a demonstration to commemorate the death of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. Does the name Jaroslav Stesko or Lev Dobriansky mean anything today! When you play at the Russian Bear’s doorstep you are starting the “Deep Freeze” war. The photographs are from the book on top of the post.

img089img088img092img091The images from Kiev, in the interconnected world, are there for all to see, the behind the scene images are not! Resources will fall into the hands of…?